Sunnytek Information Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer and exporter of SNT mobile racks, external enclosure, backplanes, external box, mobile disk, PCI cards, mini DVD players, disk system and OEM business. Presenting the own patent SNT brand products in all related companies of the countries in America Canada, Europe and many other countries.

Main Products

electronic components & parts- (1) mobile racks- plastic & metal & aluminum models, SNT mobile racks, firewire external enclosures. (2) external boxes- slim aluminum external boxes, 5.25 external boxes, external storage boxes, (3) backplanes- SATA & SCA ultra SCSI & IDE backplane. (4) mini PC, 5.25 mini DVD. (5) other products- PCI 1394 card 4 ports, PC fans, CPU coolers, cooling fans, external hard drive enclosure, PCI cards, disk system, plastic & metal storage cases, CD storage boxes, mini PC disc & DVD players, IEEE 1394 cards, box cardboard storages, wood storage boxes, USB & combo external enclosures, storage raids, hard drive enclosures, HDD & HD enclosures, computer storage devices, floppy discs ( disks), removable frames, mounting kits.