Coolmosa Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of All Kind of Metal Stamping Parts & Components.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Coolmosa Technology Co., Ltd. has established since 1988, which was specializing in stamping of metal, we always do our best to control quality seriously. Rely on outstanding technical expertise and extensive experiences, we offer the service and products that suite your business needs the best. Not only offer manufacturing, subassembly, but also provide design and test services as well as OEM for your customer's models. We excel by offering excellent flexibility in helping our customers achieve their objectives and satisfaction. Stay in touch, Coolmosa is your OEM supplier!

We are dedicated to outstanding quality with prompt delivery and courteous and minimizing costs to you.

Main Products

Manufacturer of industrial stamping service supplies- metal stampings, stamping supply, precision metal stamping, custom metal stamping, stamping die & parts, stamping die design, CPU heat sink, CPU cooler, stamped metal part, metal part fabrication, computer peripherals, electrical household appliance, machine hardware, CPU heatsink, thermoelectric cooler, and etc.