New Sun Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.

No. 29, Lane 476, Dahan Rd., Da liao Industrial Park, Kaohsiung City 831, Taiwan

Company Introduction

New Sun Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been regarded as leading manufacturer in Metal Casino Slot Cabinet business of Taiwan.

New Sun Yu was 120% dedicated in the market of precision metal sheet processing, state-of-art Laser Incision technology practice and ingenious expertise in high-end Metal Casino Slot Cabinet assembling since 1990.

New Sun Yu is not only able to manufacture OEM/ODM demand, but also provide extensive R&D professional service for Metal Casino Slot Cabinet that remains our top priority of all time.

New Sun Yu factory is ISO 9001 approved. New Sun Yu takes Quality Control in professional and conscientious attitude upon R&D and every single due production process .

New Sun Yu has all primary Metal Casino Slot Cabinet Models under CE approval AND ESD + 27KV Certified to meet Metal Casino Slot Cabinet demand.

New Sun Yu's Metal Casino Slot Cabinet holds a outstanding market share throughout the world: USA, Mexico, Central and South American Countries, Asia, UK, Ireland, Italy, Eastern Europe, Sweden and more to expand.

New Sun Yu possesses extensive sophisticated experience in supply chain of Metal Casino Slot Cabinet business territory.

Most importantly, New Sun Yu offers the BEST Metal Casino Slot Cabinet with competitive price.

Main Products

New Sun Yu provides customized design service with variety of Metal Casino Slot Cabinet ranging from Single Screen Cabinet 15"/17"/19"/22"/27" /32", Double Screen Cabinet 19"/22", Upright Design, Slant Top 26"/27", Countertop and more fascinating sleek models lunching annually.

New Sun Yu's Customization service starts from scratch upon client demand and ends up in Full Metal Casino Slot Cabinet with electronic devises and Game Kit available.