Alloymax Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of lost wax precision casting products, including machine parts, pipe accessories, valves, marine hardware, golf club heads, hardware machine parts, textile and agricultural machine parts and irons since 1983. Certificated of ISO9001 and ISO9002.

Main Products

die & mold, lost wax precision casting, steel & iron casting- agricultural machinery parts, aero space & military parts, motorbike ( motorcycle) & electronic machinery parts, food & industrial machinery parts, marine hardware, machine tool & pipe accessories, valves, sport facility & textile machinery parts, non-ferrous products, casting golf club heads, custom-made golf clubs, equipments & parts, aviation products, aftermarket automobile ( cars, vehicles, automotive ) parts, custom-made car parts, petrochemical equipments & accessory ( accessories), textile & agricultural machines ( machinery ) & parts, hardware machine parts, marine hardware, pipes, industrial machinery.