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Power Supplies
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    Plug-n power supply description of products
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    In general, the PC Power supply concentrates all output threads on the output end of the power, when the user installs the computer, no matter whether you use them or not, all o...
Power Supplies
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    1. Full safety approved.
    2. Gold plated connector pin.
    3. Thermal fan control.
    4. Scan-disc-free protection (PS-OFF#>2ms).
    5. Over voltage protection.
    6. Over current protection.
    7. Short circuit protection.
    8. Stable regulation for +5v, +...
HTPC Cases
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    Truly the first of its kind, the FC-HT13 & FC-HT15 shatters the notion that HTPC case must be understated and restrained to be beautiful. By painstaking bending a thick, high quality aluminum panel into the shape of a front panel cover, a high te...