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New Sluruy Dehydating Equipments (Filter Press)


  • Model No: TC2 Auto Type Quickly Multi-Open Series
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Available for Hopper Type/Conveyor Type/Auto-Filtrateguard Type…etc. application choice.
2.We also have the high-pressure(16kg/cm2)type(model:HTC2-xx)(Option) for your choice. If need the above series products in detail, Pls. contact us directly.
3.Filter plate material: P.P. Engineering Plastics.
Our company will reserve the right of the above design modification and accept customer’s specific specifications order-made.

Specification :

ModelFilter Plate Size
(mm/ PC )
Filter Area
Treating Ability
(L / Lot )
Ref.Machine size
(Naked Type)
L x W x H (mm)
TC2-63-30A630 x 3019.42294100×1250×18001820
TC2-63-40A630 x 4026.13084700×1250×18002040
TC2-63-50A630 x 5032.83875200×1250×18002260
TC2-80-30A800 x 3031.04354500×1520×21503230
TC2-80-40A800 x 4041.75855200×1520×21503510
TC2-80-50A800 x 5052.47355800×1520×21503790
TC2-100-30A1000 x 3049.07024700×1850×23004460
TC2-100-40A1000 x 4065.99445450×1850×23004920
TC2-100-50A1000 x 5082.811866050×1850×23005380
TC2-100-60A1000 x 6099.714286650×1850×23005850
TC2-120-30A1200 x 3070.211285260×2200×29007700
TC2-120-40A1200 x 4094.415176080×2200×29008700
TC2-120-50A1200 x 50118.619066780×2200×29009700
TC2-120-60A1200 x 60142.822957500×2300×290010700
TC2-150-30A1500 x 30113.718625550×2600×325012300
TC2-150-40A1500 x 40152.925046250×2600×325013700
TC2-150-50A1500 x 50192.131466950×2600×325015100
TC2-150-60A1500 x 60231.337887670×2600×325016600

1. Available applications for hopper type / conveyor type / Auto filtrate guard type…etc.
2. Filter plate material:P.P. engineering plastics
3.This Series have the following optional function device for your choice:①.Reverse wash filter cloth function (model with R)②.Vibration assisted discharging (model with V / this device is subject to the cake spalling, if not exactly discharging need to be artificial to assist clear)
4. The high pressure (16kg/cm²) injection type (model:HTC2-××A) is optional, please contact us about the associated data
5. The Company reserves the right to design changes and accepts customer’s special order

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