Amaoto Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Loudspeaker, Speaker.


Company Introduction

Quality Speakers since 1988
Amaoto speaker manufacturer has been specializing in speakers since its establishment in 1988. With 35 years of experience in manufacturing quality speakers, we can supply all kinds of speaker ranging from diameter 13 mm to 12 inches, such as general alnico speaker and ferrite speaker, mylar waterproof speaker, miniature mylar speaker (plastic & metal housing) for telecom/ headphone/computer/ consumer audio and special request. At Amaoto, we guarantee prompt delivery and reasonable prices. Contact us for further details. Your special design and specs are welcome.

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Our Goods are Popular in Many Countries
When you choose us as a partner, you'll be joining buyers from the US, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan, Singapore, mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These companies choose us is because they know that we can cover all of their volume requirements. We produce up to 1 million units monthly.

Accepting 1,000-unit Orders
Our 230 staff members are ready to take your orders, too. You can get started with a request for just 1,000 units, and try a test run on your market or simply keep inventory down.

For more information on our customization services, contact us by e-mail today or surf our website.

Main Products

Manufacturer of super thin speaker, mid-range speaker, hi-fi speaker, car speaker, LCD monitor speakers, high output power miniature speaker, alnico & ferrite magnet paper cone speaker, P.P. cone speaker, oval type alnico & ferrite magnet low leakage flux speaker, general low leakage flux speaker for TV and audio, general low profile paper & mylar speaker, lower profile & miniature mylar speaker, notebook computer speaker, PC board mounting speaker, C.B. extension speaker, PA speaker, various headphone and earphone, miniature speaker with mounting ears & special items.