Costar Tech Corporation

Manufacturer of Cell Phone Accessories.


Company Introduction

Manufacture and exports various kinds of cell phone accessories and multimedia products. Our product line includes portable handsfree kits, travel chargers, desktop chargers, computer headsets, MP3 headset, and more.

Main Products

cell phone accessory ( accessories )- (1) mobile phone battery, leather cell phone cases, leather cell phone case, cellular phone cases, holsters, retractable antenna, cellular phone rechargeable batteries, NiMH battery, Lithium Ion ( Li-Ion) batteries. (2) headphones- ear bud headset, over ear head set, computer headsets, portable handsfree kits, MP3 headset. (3) cell phone chargers- desktop charger, mini travel chargers, retractable charger. (4) USB products- USB hubs & digital chargers, USB mini light and magnify glass, USB mini fan, charger cables.