Astron Technology Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic components & parts and various connectors, including adapter connectors, battery connectors, BTB connectors, card edge connectors, combo connectors, earphone combo jacks, post header receptacle, shrouded headers, etc.

Main Products

electronic components & parts, electrical connectors- (1) DVI to HDB adapter connector. (2) battery connector, porbe pins. (3) board to board & card edge connectors. (4) combo & digital visual interface ( DVI ) connecters. (5) earphone combo jacks. (6) FPC FFC ( flexible printed circuit), HDMI, HDMI cable, serial ATA connectors. (7) fiber optic ( fibre optical) & subminiature D connectors, fiber optic connector. (8) CPU heat sinks ( heatsinks), cooler ( cooling) systems. (9) high speed serial data connector (HSSDCⅡ). (10) IC sockets. (11) IEEE 1394 & USB connectors. (12) memory card connectors- CF card & mini SD connectors, SM card connectors. (13) miniature circular DIN jacks- PCB, P.C.B. mount connectors, slim & tacked type. (14) mobile phone connectors- cable plugs, P.C.B. mount. (15) DC power & side entry modular jacks. (16) post header receptacles. (17) SCSI connectors- SCSI small computer system interface. (18) shrouded headers. (19) SIM card & ear mic connectors. (20) displayport female/ male series connectors.