Kuandor Industrial Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Established in 1981, Kuandor Industrial Corp. is a professional in designing and producing various automobile accessories and health home care products. Products that are produced by the company are patented internationally, and the superb qualities of all products are known and assured by the clients worldwide.

Especially the designing of the adjustable drink holder, in both quality wise and functioning wise, have enjoyed high reputations (the clients have named it the best drink holder in the world), its clip arm can be adjusted to various sizes and holds all sizes of cups, cans, bottles, mugs, 32 oz. carry outs, etc. It is easily use in cars, boats, trucks, worktable…and more.

In the recent years, the R & D department in our company felt the use of drink holder is growing wider and is progressing fast, thus after a thorough marketing research and development, we have finally designed the attachment brackets of the adjustable drink holder. For example, the use of adjustable drink holder combined to the unique patented suction pad, which can be applied to tabletop, holds very steady so the drinks will not be spilled. It can be easily removed when not in use without leaving any marks. It is appropriate for people at work and for physically challenged people to use.

Our company has also developed round attachment, square attachment, and flat bracket. These attachment brackets can help to adjust the drink holder to any angle, so the drinks holds vertically to the surface, very easy to use, and is applicable on wheelchairs, scooters, rollators, motorcycles, bicycles, baby strollers, lawn chairs or monitors, worktables and more.

Moreover, we have also designed a kind of dinnerware especially for the use of physically challenged people, this dinnerware is combined to our patented suction pad, so when handicap people enjoys their meals, their food will not be spilled. And again, it is easy to remove when not in use. The unique shape plate enables them to scoop up the food in the plate by using spoons. It matches the needs for brain paralyzes patients, people who have strokes, elderly and young children.

For 29 years, Kuandor Industrial Corp. has been continuously expanding the facility and R&D; therefore, the clients recommend each of our products.

Main Products

We provide car ( auto, automobile, automotive, vehicle ) accessory ( accessories)- (1) cassette boxes- automatic cassette boxes, universal cassette boxes, portable cassette boxes, patented cassette boxes. (2) universal rear seat tables. (3) universal center armrest. (4) universal C.D. storage boxes. (5) adjustable drinking ( beverage) holders, plastic cups & car cups holders, drink holde, cup holde. (6) marine equipments repair, mold ( mould) fabrication, plastic injection molding ( moulding) products, PU integer skin foaming.