Golna Corporation

Manufacturer of Casting.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer and exporter of custom metal parts. One of two factories is casting factory producing sand casting, investment casting, pressure die casting and lost wax casting, etc. And the material are used for casting include ferrous metal such as stainless steel, alloy steel, ductile iron, etc and non-ferrous metal such as brass, aluminium, aluminium alloy, zinc alloy, etc. And another factory is metal machining.

Main Products

die & mold ( mould)- (1) metal stamping products, metal stampings,- counterpoise parts, stainless steel precision stamping, electric appliance connectors, machine tool workpiece, magnetic head fittings. (2) forging products. (3) casting products, castings- metal casting, sand & metal & die casting, investment casting, investment castings, lost wax & stainless steel & aluminium ( aluminum) casting, quick couplings, CNC machining. (4) machining products. (5) fasteners- wood & machine screws, spring washers, self tapping screws. (6) steel balls, valve balls, nuts.