Huang Guan Plastic Co., LTD.

Manufacturer of Vacuum Formed Product, Plastic Packaging & Packing Materials.

No. 18-2, Zhuanya House, Yijeng Village, Taishan District, New Taipei City 243, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Huang Guan Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. In the beginning, our products aim at domestic market, but with our quality and rate, we have won the trust of our consumers, allowing us to serve the consumers worldwide. Our basic line of production is PET, PVC, PS, PP, and OPS that we manufacture our plastic packaging products from a simple sheet to useful food containers. The advantages of making raw to finished goods by one hand can provide good and stable quality, on time delivery at competitive price and also accept special LOGO, design and manufactures according to our client's specifications and requirements, in other words, we also accept custom-made. Welcome to browse our website or contact us via email for more information.

Main Products

Manufacturer of plastic vacuum forming packing, including (1) packing materials supply- PVC, PET, PS, PP, OPS. (2) serving trays & cup holders, side blending boxes, hand made boxes, hanging tags. (3) printing card packs, double blister shells. (4) vacuum packaging, vacuum forming trays, plastic vacuum thermoforming, clamshells & industrials vacuum formed packaging, medicals & contracts & hardwares & stationary formed packaging, drinks & agricultures & toys & handicrafts formed packaging. (5) antistatic & conductive material electronic packaging, electronic working plates. (6) plastic food packagings, vacuum plastic forming covers, foodstuffs bottles/containers, fruit baskets, beverage & confectionery packaging, cookie packings, take away food containers, sushi trays. (7) biodegradable disposable tableware, gardening and flowering appliances, high electronic wave adhesive and sealing consistent process.