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Wheel machining requires special-purpose machines, says Victor Taichung Machinery Works expert.

Victor Taichung Machinery Works, based in Taiwan, makes a wide variety of machine tools, including turning machines and multi-purpose milling machines, but an interesting speciality application of the company are alloy wheel cnc lathe machines.

“The car wheel machine is for clamping the part, because for the part to be clamped, you need a special chuck,” explained Hsueh, director of overseas marketing division at Victor Taichung Machinery Works.

“Usually for special purpose machines, the chuck is the key component to reduce setup time and for clamping efficiency. Wheel chips are also different from steel chips, so even a chip conveyor and the protection of ball screws are also somewhat different. For special purpose machines, you should pay attention to the kind of part you’re making, what kind of chips are produced, what kind of coolant you use and how you dispose of it.”

Hsueh explains that Victor Taichung’s special-purpose wheel machines are actually modified general-purpose machines – this saves costs for the company as well as its customers.

“We can mass produce all the machine parts, as 80 percent of parts are compatible (between machines),” Hsueh said. “We have some customers that want special-purpose machines only and we pay a lot of attention to them. If we increase production of our general-purpose machine, the special-purpose machine would also become cheaper. We like it cheaper for mass production. That’s why we have a special machine for wheels, but wheel machines are heavy duty for heavy cutting. You need a very reliable machine base and fortunately at Victor Taichung Machines, we build the machines this way from the beginning.”

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Article from ENGINEERING.com.

The Victor Vturn-26HD has long been a favoured option among manufacturers looking for a mid-sized turning centre that delivers power, precision and uncompromising levels of reliability. Now, Victor CNC has added to this line with the arrival of the new Vturn-S26 (CM).

Complementing the existing Vturn-26 HD & VT-A26CM, the new arrival has been re-engineered to provide a host of new features that include the option of a servo-powered C-axis to offer driven tooling stations. This new facility gives end users the option of the cost-effective 2-axis Vturn-26HD workhorse or the equally cost-effective, more flexible 3-axis Vturn-S26.

The foundation for the new Vturn-S26 is a large sturdy single-piece slant-bed. The single-piece construction eliminates the possibility of coolant leakage whilst the 30° design lowers the centre of gravity to enhance rigidity and performance. In addition, this innovative new configuration provides a large swing diameter that enables end-users to load larger billets. The performance of the new Vturn-S26 is encapsulated in its 18/24m/minute rapid feed rates and high thrust force of 1441kgf that reduces chip-to-chip times and ensures that productivity levels are optimised.

Further contributing to the productivity level of the Vturn-S26 is the 12 station live tooling turret. The BMT-65 turret has an indexing time of just 0.8 seconds whilst the powerful 4.5kW motor delivers live tooling speeds of 4,000rpm with high levels of torque, rigidity and repeatability generated from Victor Taichung’s own turret configuration.

Despite its nimble and productive performance, the Vturn offers a high spindle output of 22kW with 574Nm which permits heavy-duty cutting under the most challenging conditions and materials. Surface finishes and tool life are optimised with the high rigidity and machine stability that are the hallmark of the Victor CNC brand. The machine has a weight of 6,130kg, thanks to the Meehanite casting and heavy-duty boxways that are 64 and 80mm in X and Z respectively.

The latest addition to the Victor CNC stable has an increased swing over the bed of 600mm compared to the 520mm on previous Vturn-26HD models and this increases the maximum turning diameter from 410 to 430mm. The new machine also incorporates the latest Fanuc 0iTF CNC control with a large 10.4 inch colour screen display and intuitive manual guide, hydraulic chuck, programmable tailstock, chip conveyor, handwheel, tool-holders, coolant flush on Z-axis cover and a three-step warning light.

More detail about Vturn-S26 Horizontal Turning Center. Victor Taichung also supplies kinds of Vertical Turning Lathes.


The EMO 2019, which is the world’s number one in quality and quantity, was opened in Hanover, Germany on the 16th. Huang Mingho, chairman of Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., LTD, a leading Taiwanese machine tool manufacturer, said that this year, seven representative machine tools were selected for the exhibition and will be presented at Hall 27, E14. Their main requirements include high-end 5-axis CNC Machines, multi-axis multi-tasking machines, automation and new-to-market models. The product’s richness and cost performance are better than in previous years, and it can fully meet the requirements of customers in the European market, including labor, high precision and high-order aerospace & automotive parts processing. At present, the 7 exhibition machines have been successfully sold, and he is confident that he will take a large number of orders during the exhibition.

In recent years, we have broken through the business thinking of producing and selling CNC lathes, and continue to develop new generation tools such as high-end 5-axis CNC Machine, multi-axis turning and milling machine and intelligent automation. At the same time, we have used our many years to promote the quality, cost and delivery of TPS, so as to improve its cost performance and make it a hot product in the market. For example, the two 5-axis CNC Machines, such as the Vcenter-AX800 and Vcenter-AX630, which are exhibited this time, are quite suitable for processing aerospace parts and molds with high complexity and strict precision, and have strong sales potential in the European market. The Vcenter-AX630 is exhibited at the EMO for the first time, allowing Victor Taichung’s 5-axis CNC Machine to cover a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of market users.

In addition, the new machines we exhibited include the Vturn-S26/110 horizontal lathe and the Vcenter-P76APC vertical processing machine. The latter has two exchange worktables that do not need to stop when feeding, so that the machine can maximize the production capacity and production efficiency, which is the first choice for users of automobiles, locomotives and aerospace.

The Vturn-NP20CM horizontal lathe exhibited at the exhibition has an additional door type robot, which maximizes the single-machine automation application. The Vturn-A20 has an enlarged spindle bore, and the machine has a small footprint, which improves the user’s processing. As for the Vturn-Q200T2Y2 multi-axis laminating machine, it is equipped with a dual-spindle and double turret, which can meet the requirements of multi-machine integrated, multi-process, high-efficiency and high-precision turning and milling combined machining, and is also very popular in the market.

News source: ctee.com.tw

METALEX is ASEAN's largest international machine tool and metalworking technology trade exhibition.

Date: 11/21~11/24, 2018
Location: Bangkok

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32nd International Machine Tool, Metalworking and Allied Industries Event (Machine Tool Indonesia 2018)
Date: 12/5~12/8, 2018
Venue: Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia

Date: 11/7~11/11, 2018
Booth: 1A311, Taichung International Exhibition Center

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Date: 9/10~9/15, 2018
Location: Chicago

Our Exhibiting Product Categories:

Victor CNC’s Vcenter-AX800, AX800II and the AX800 Aero 320 are for 5-axis machining of large parts up to 1.2 metres diameter.

The Vcenter AX800 5 Axis Machining Center has a swivelling head B-axis and a 25rpm C-axis table located within the fixed table, which can be clamped to resist 3 433 Nm for heavy duty machining. The B-axis has a Hirth coupling that will rotate at increments of 1° and offers precision and repeatability. Both rotary axes have a roller-cam drive to deliver “unparalleled rigidity and stiffness”, while shortening cycle times, when compared to conventional worm gear mechanisms.

The rotary table has a diameter of 800mm, a capacity of 1 200 kilograms and axis travels are 1 600 by 700 by 600mm in the XYZ axes.

The AX800II boasts a larger capacity and is able to machine parts up to 1 200mm as opposed to 1 000mm. This is achieved by moving the C-axis rotary table forward by 100mm. The machining height is 300mm and the machine footprint remains the same.

For complex components, especially thin-walled ones, there is the AX800 Aero 320. The C-axis that is on the standard AX800 and AX800II models has been replaced by twin-rotary tables (A and C-axis). Incorporating synchronous control technology, precision machining of extremely delicate and thin walled parts, such as aerospace engine and turbine components, as well as structural aerospace parts, is possible.

This addition to the AX800 range incorporates an HSK-A63 spindle configuration with a table diameter of 320mm, plus an adjustable span between the tables.

The machine uses a 31i-B5 CNC control unit, but Heidenhain TNC-640 is an alternative across all machines.

Other equipment takes in through-spindle coolant of from 20 to 70 bar, a variety of swarf conveyor systems, hydraulic or pneumatic ports on the rotary table, linear scales and angular encoders, automatic tool length measurement, automatic part measuring, along with additional options that can be specified that include oil hole coolant supply, table shower system, spindle configuration and automatic doors.

Victor Taichung Machinery’s Vcenter-A series of Vertical Machining Centers accommodate both heavy cutting at low rpm and high speed machining.

The VMCs have high-damping, rigid guideways. Ballscrew holders are directly casted to increase rigidity and strength, ensuring constant support for the ballscrews over the machine’s life. Large-diameter ballscrews measuring 1.77" as well as 1.77"-wide linear guides ensure stiffness during machining. Direct-coupling servo motors eliminate motor backlash and noise caused by misalignment.

Directly coupled spindles with two types of high-torque spindle motors can mill steel and aluminum. The machines use oil-air lubrication with a filtration system for spindle bearings, and an air dryer further ensures air quality and service life, the company says.

Aiming at hot issue “Industry 4.0”, Victor Taichung Machinery will present 6 unmanned cells including 6 robots with 10 off CNC machines and 2 off PIM machines at coming TMTS show (held in Taichung) for her integrating capability.

We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth 3A312 at Greater Taichung International Expo Center from 23 - 27 November, 2016.

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