Aimgene Technology Co., Ltd

Manufacturer of Security & Safety Systems & Products.


Company Introduction

Aimgene Technology Co., Ltd. manufacture of IT security, access control, and hardware security. Aimgene provides solutions were built based on listening to the demands & needs of customers. Develop superior yet innovative and practical useful solutions and services the market is demanding. We offer creative and challenging and rewarding environment to attract & retain the best talents Establish irrefutable ID for security & personalization with convenience, privacy, high-accuracy. Aimgene’s commitments are excellent in quality, customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, cost-effective performance. In order to have a better tomorrow of the individual with just a simple "Touch & Done" lifestyle that is convenient, secured and with privacy. Aimgene are eager to do the best service for you. And we also be honor to accept your support and advice.

Main Products

security ( safety, surveillance) systems & equipment, biometric security devices & services- solutions, computer security, external hard drive enclosures, USB flash drives ( driver, drive), fingerprint authentication, fingerprint kits & cards. fingerprint ( finger print) identification ( verification) systems, biometric fingerprints, biometric authentication retail products- access controls units, IT ( information technology), fingerprint door lock, fingerprint door locks & safes cabinets & racks, bioflashes ( bio flashes), bio HDD, scanners, FID ( finger ID reader, finger identification reader) mouses, biometric mouse & readers, biometric door locks & scanners, biometric security systems & fingerprint ( finger print) readers, bio switches & metals, DNA fingerprinting. components- optical & chip sensors, flexible modules customization, biometric access controls, biometric devices & identifications, biometric technology, USB & biometric fingerprint readers, fingerprint reader, ngerprint reader on laptop, fingerprint reader keyboards, fingerprint reader software, fingerprint scanner, fingerprint scanners, fingerprint lock, fingerprint locks, computer fingerprint scanners, biometric fingerprint scanner, fingerprint scanner software, fingerprint scanner for laptop, USB fingerprint scanners, fingerprint identification, fingerprint recognition, live scan fingerprints, fingerprint time clock, fingerprint biometrics, fingerprint sensors, fingerprint gun safe, fingerprint security, fingerprint and SDK, fingerprint access control, fingerprint scan, automated fingerprint identification system, computer fingerprint scanners, fingerprint scan, computer security software, computer security, computer hardware security, personal computer security, data security, computer data security, data security software, military national security, security door lock, home security door, door security hardware, door entry security, biometric reader, biometric fingerprint reader, biometric identification, biometric identifications, biometric fingerprint, access biometric control, biometric time and attendance.