Fortune Extentables Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Founded in 1982 in Taiwan, Fortune Extendable, Corp. has grown into one of the major players in woodworking tools and accessories industry in Asia. We service customers and distributors throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. Ever since its foundation, Fortune has exerted a great deal of effort towards the fundamental techniques and innovation of woodworking tools and accessories, hence R&D department was organized. In 1990, Fortune also established its own assembly factory to manufacture our own innovative and quality products. In 2003, Fortune extended business to China. Tai-World woodworking tools corp. was founded as well as the supply chain of saw blade. With fine saw blade bodies from Taiwan and welding technique of China, we supply high quality saw blades to Oldham. Fortune is always firmly committed to providing superior products. We will continue to focus on relevant woodworking technique to provide the best products and services to all customers.

Main Products

Manufacturer of woodworking tools- (1) machine vise, wood working clamp, drill bits. (2) woodturning machines & chisels- turning chisel sets, flat jumbo jaws, vertical lathes, wood bandsaws. (3) router bits, burr & bit trays, guide bushing kits, compasses, corner radius guides, speed controls, router tables, wheel& circle cutters. (4) measuring tools. (5) dust collectors, air filtration systems. (6) finishing & gluing tools- wooden handle foam brushes, glue bottle rollers, brush cleaners. (7) metal folding sawhorses, panel grippers. (8) safety products- V sticks, push blocks, safety jigs. (9) hardware- magnets, casters, thread inserts, T nuts, folding shelf brackets, wrenches. (10) corner chisels, carving chisels & vises, pneumatic micro carvers. (11) sharpening tools- speed grinders, jointer & planer knife hones, strops, polishing stones, water stone grinders. (12) sanding tools- turners, cleaning sticks, table saw discs, sanding drum sets, grips, bench pads. (13) power tools- ratchet handles, loop keepers, T slot bolts, tapering jigs, bandsaw rollers, cutterhead gauges. (14) boring tools. (15) PVC flexible hoses, cabinet scrapers, biscuit masters, latex covers caps, leather powerstrops, offset rings.