Mu Li Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Mu Li Co., Ltd has been supplying highest quality aluminum, brass and zinc parts castings of all configurations directly to the manufacturer. Located at Taiwan, Taipei, We are niche has been in the fast and efficient production of quality impellers and over the years, the company has become an acknowledged leader in the foundry industry. Our Castings services will continue to earn its excellent reputation for the efficient production of quality castings and Best Skill Parts Inc. will continue to reinvent its capabilities. Their desire to capture cutting-edge technologies will enable Our Castings services to set new industry standards on fast delivery and passed-on savings to their customers. They truly are the one-stop-shop for all your casting needs including air tool, air-hydraulic riveter, pneumatic tools, computer components, pumps, interior decorations, hardware, electronics, automobile, electrical appliances, furniture, hand tools and so on. We are be honor to receive your support and accept your advice.

Main Products

Manufacturer of aluminum die castings, gravity die castings, pressure die castings, aluminum sand casting, aluminium die casting tools & hardware, casting gray iron casting & alloy casting products, aluminum bronze casting products, body & brass casting products.