National Applied Material Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

National Applied Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, and boss Chen has 20-year- experiences at the area of plastic extrusion sheets field. Our main product is plastic extrusion sheets, which is made of environment-protecting material. All of our products are in accordance with the demands of EU, and even some of them are up to the standard of FDA and UL. On the other hand, we also provide plastic film of best quality. Our extra service for our customers are analyzing complex material of custom' products and advising or developing similar material. We have factories from north to south, on-time delivery that you can rely on, and excellent products of stable quality. We also provide services of manufacturing and supplying custom packaging materials for OEM & ODM. Our company looked forward for your support and advice.

Main Products

1. Plastic boards, sheets: PP PS PE PC PET EVA PVC, ABS, PVC & PP compound paper, PP pearl papers (application for electronics, hardware, stationery, gifts, food, medical, cosmetics, printing, lamination, vacuum & pressure forming materials, sealing package, engineering waterproof).
2. Films: CPP OPP EVA PVC PET (application for general food packs, printing, lamination, electronics).
3. Electronic packaging materials: static electricity boards (films), electric conduction boards (films), high frequency boards, silicone free boards, static electricity liquid.
4. Food packaging materials: cold-resistance boards, anti-impact boards, heat-resistance boards, anti-fog boards, PLA.
5. Adhesive: application for A-PET, to sticky, PVC, to sticky.
6. Epoxy resins: application for CNC mold opening, carving boards.
7. Special materials: custom products.