Lung Chang Mirror Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

In 1996, Lung Yiing Glass Mirror Co., Ltd textile division was added,our main product are manufacturing air-jet covered yarn(ACY), conventional covered yarn(SCY/DCY),spun and filament composited yarn(YCY). Use for knitting,weaving, sock, webbing, sweater, underwear, industurial fabric.Entire factory is under fully air-condition for operating to maintain the temperature and ensure the quality of the yarn.

Our textile equipments are Italy RPR covering yarn machines, Japan Aiki air covering machines,and Korea Soosan covering yarn machines,to manufacture air-jet covered yarn(ACY), conventional covered yarnSCY/DCY),spun and filament composited yarn(YCY). Twist per meter from 150 up to 3000 (T/M)

We also accept customer design and cooperate design from overseas and within Taiwan.

Note: ACY--Air covered Yarn/ SCY--Single Covered Yarn/ DCY--Double Covered Yarn/ YCY--Yarn Covered Yarn

Main Products

household ( house, home) furniture supply ( supplies)- (1) glass mirror division- glass & mirror products, mosaic mirrors. (2) textile division- spandex covered yarn filament & spun yarns, viscose rayon & filament complex yarns, cotton & nylon & wool & acrylic complex yarns, rayon spun complex yarns.