New Ko Tung Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Industry Machines & Equipments Since 1987.


Company Introduction

New Ko Tung Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and manufactured KT-30 screwdriver machines was its core business. In order to meet the market needs, the president Mr. Chin Chu, Ko leads the team to develop various lathe and milling screwdriver machines with high quality and efficiency. Up till now, New Ko Tung's machines are well-knows in both local and global markets for it's accuracy, reliability, stability and it's outstanding technical capability. We believe our management principles of top quality, technical advance and customer satisfaction will provide our customer the best hand-tool machines with excellent performance. And New Ko Tung looked forward to your support and advice.

Main Products

The extensive range of products include CNC lathe screwdriver machine, milling screwdriver machinery, auxiliary screwdriver machine, etc. Quality is a hallmark of our products. Every screwdriver machine has to be inspected strictly before delivery.