Hwaguo Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Industry Sheet Metal Processing.


Company Introduction

Established in 1983, HWAGUO had six employees in its initial stage.

In 1991, the company purchased CNC sheet metal machines and adopted CAD/CAM network for production ability. And 50 employees were mainly in charge of sheet metal housing processing in machine tools factory.

In 1997 the company launched its international business and aerospace industry. Furthermore, HWAGUO also cooperated with Industry Technology Research Institute for researching and developing sheet metal parts for aerospace industry. It even carried out the QC completely and acquired IS9002 certificate.

In 1998, Taiwan Flying Industrial Co., Ltd was set up to R&D and manufactured sheet metal parts for aerospace industry.

In 2003, exclusively acquired design and manufacturing approval certification of FAA, which brought the new milestone for HWAGUO enterprise group.

In 2005, the factory was expanded and the numbers increased up to 150. The whole network and digitalized production, barcode management and ERP management system have largely enhanced management efficiency and production ability. Due to the strong demands of high quality and short-term delivery of optoelectronics and semiconductor industries, HWAGUO follows out the Toyota management principles and persists on the idea of “Without Wasting”. Through the reasonable total production processing way, it continuously changes production, raises quality, reduces cost and even improves total techniques at the same time. Nowadays, facing the keen competition, the key to be successful for many enterprises is to achieve short-time delivery. HWAGUO as a powerful supporter to the machines and equipment manufacturers provides them special sheet metal processing and in-time material feeding management system for fast service. By doing this, the company wins considerable reputation from industries.

In 2011, HWAGUO's new facility in Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park opened. Invested in more high precisions equipment, offering a total sheet-metal product solution. The capital increased to two hundred sixty million NT dollars and the staff increased to 300 for the group.

In 2013, 30th happy birthday! Overall production procedure integrated to E-management with cloud system.

Main Products

【Precision Sheet Metal Services】
* Biotech / Medical / Rehabilitation Peripheral Equpiment
* CNC Mchinery Covers
* TFT LCD Production Equipment
* Semi-Coating Equipment
* Powder Coating and Liquid Coating
* Automatic Equipment
* Precision Press Sheet Metal
* Optimal Design in Mechanical Engineering