Earen International Inc.

Manufacturer of Zippers Supply.


Company Introduction

With a long history and outstanding reputation, Earen specializes in manufacture of zippers. We have been playing a leading role in terms of manufacturing techniques, equipment, and capacity performance in the market. Product items include zipper, made from various materials like plastic steel, nylon, copper, aluminum, nickel, and zip lock tape & locker as well. The whole process from raw materials selection, accessories to finished products is under full quality control to enhance our competitiveness in the market. We promise customers with the best quality by leading techniques at competitive prices. Shoes and garments manufacturers wanted. Please contact us soon for more details.

Main Products

industrial zippers supplies- plastics hardware, hook and loop fastener, button, YKK zipper, coil zipper, vision zipper, invisible zipper, metal zipper, waterproof zippers, plastic molds development and plastic molds development manufacturing, plastic molds development.