Bonanza Beauty International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Beauty Products Supply.


Company Introduction

Hsi Wang Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 and Bonanza Brand stands for the facial nourishment. Thanks to the gentle and mild effective of vegetables, we offer consumers with long-term commitment of gradual effects. 1998, Hsi Wang Chemical Engineering passed the ISO 9001 who is the first cosmetic manufacturer to receive such honor. Its purpose is to provide best products and excellent services and offer customers with maximum satisfaction. Bonanza laid the brand foundation from facial nourishment, and since the presentation of Colorful Cosmetics series in 1996, Hi-Tech biochemical product - Essence -E introduced in 1997. Among Body Nourishment B series, the Bust Concentrate is the market pioneer of breast growing products, which completes Skin Care Products Range. 21st Century is marked with the internationalization of Bonanza Cosmetic. With the vision of pursuing science, knowledge and unique style, Bonanza International will move to the full dimensional development in the cosmetic field and focuses on classic value and taste.

Main Products

Manufacturer of beauty products, including cosmetics, cosmetic skin care, nano gold mask, skin lotion, skin creams, bust up concentrate, body resilience & whitening tonic, body resilience & whitening lotion, body shaping gels, eye contour gels, whitening & repair essences, anti wrinkle essence , E pure essence, acne essence, acne lotion, hydrating essence, firming & magic essences, daily & beach whitening sun block lotions, sun block foundations, soothing after sun gels, soothing after sun creams, bare polish foundations, facial masks.