Shenzhen Triple Gold Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Consumer Electronic & Digital Products.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer and exporter of consumer electronic & digital products, include digital photo frames, MP3 players, MP4 players, MP3 & MP4 watches, mobile phone, cell phone, portable DVDs & memory cards, LCD digital picture frame, advertising players, custom digital picture frames, USB flash disks, USB flash drives ( drivers), USB pen drives, USB memory stick, USB flash memory, USB storage & accessories, etc. OEM orders are welcome.

Main Products

consumer electronic & digital products- (1) China MP3 player, MP3 players, MP4 player, MP4 players, MP3 headsets, MP3 wristwatches, , audio MP3 players, digital & car MP3 players, flash MP3 players, mini MP3 players, MP3 accessories, portable CD MP3 players, portable MP3 players, USB MP3, wholesale MP3 players, MP3 sunglasses, MP3 & MP4 watches. (2) China ( Chinese) USB flash disks, USB flash drives, USB pen drives, USB memory sticks, USB flash hard drives, USB flash drive keys, USB pens, pen drives ( pendrives), memory pens, flash memory cards, USB storage & accessories. (3) GPSs, GPS navigations, GPS tracking systems, vehicle tracking systems, personal trackers, personal tracking systems, car alarm systems, car trackers, car magellan GPS trackers, personal protections, car navigations, auto navigator, car alarm, navigation PDA, alzheimers care, DVBT GPS systems, GPS active antennas, GPS antennas, GPS engine boards, GPS fleet, GPS modules, GPS mouse receivers, GPS radiators, personal trackers, vehicle tracking systems, alzheimers cares, security, securities. (4) cell phone manufacturer, cell phone manufacturers, cell phone supply, cell phone suppliers, mobile phone supply, mobile phone suppliers, mobile phone manufacturer, mobile phone manufacturers, OEM cell phone, OEM cell phones, cellular phones. (5) gift ( giftware, novelty, promotional, promotion, premiums) items- digital photo frame, digital photo ( picture) frames, LCD digital photo ( picture) frames, China ( Chinese) gifts, digital photo albums, advertising players, custom picture frames, digital memory photo picture frames. (6) memory cards, SD memory cards, memory card readers, memory stick pro & pro duo, kingmax mini SD, MMC card, RS MMC, compact flash card, Micro SD cards, SD memory cards PS2 USB convertor dual players, PS2-USB converters, XBOX keyboard mouse adapter, power replay, portable VCD & DVD players, mini speakers, bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth products, FM transmitters.