Hightech Components Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Outstanding Heat Sink Manufacturer


Company Introduction

HTC was founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and is one of the major manufacturers of heat sinks in Taiwan. The company has over 30 years of professional experience in heat sink manufacturing. At the beginning of its establishment, the company focused on aluminium extruded heat sinks and became one of the major approved electronics manufacturers in Taiwan. With the prevalence of international trade, HTC continued to develop overseas markets to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign customers. To expand the capacity, HTC expanded the production lines in Taiwan, and established two new factories in Dongguan and Wu Jiang, China. Moreover, the company has also developed heat sinks manufacturing methods other than aluminium, while continuously improving its technical capabilities, and increase its market share in the international market.

Over the years, HTC adhered to the customer-centric philosophy and committed to cultivating an efficient team to provide professional services and technical innovation. On top of highly competitive offer and strict quality management systems, we place great emphasis on building partnership with our customers to solidify our service quality and high level of integrity. HTC has a wide range of standard heat sinks to meet the needs of quick turnaround lead-time, and customize products tailored to customer designs and requirements, creating excellent value add for customers, to achieve win-win situation for both parties.

With the rise of global environmental awareness in recent years, HTC strived for excellence in breaking through traditional technologies to produce more environmentally-friendly heat sinks that meet the needs of the green energy electronics industry. Furthermore, with the gradual development and advancement of cloud computing, AI, and 5G-related technologies in the market, we are also committed to researching and manufacturing relevant heat sink modules (thin and light, high power, etc.). We strengthen our relationship with existing customer base while developing new customers base.

HTC strived to improve continuously and achieve sustainable operations with technology advancement and effective management. We welcomed your heat sink enquiry to provide you with the most professional advice and look forward to develop a long-term business partnership with your company.

Main Products

* Heat Sinks:
Extrused Heat Sink, Stamping Heat Sink, Cross-cut Heat Sink, Bonded Fin Heat Sink, Folded Fin Heat Sink, Radiant Heat Sink, Die-Casting HeatSink, Forging Heat Sink, LED Heat Sink, CPU Heat Sink, Fan Heat Sink, Heatpipe Heat Sink.

* Metal Parts:
Bracket / Holder, Chassis, Front / Back Panel, Handle, Cover (included up, under and side).

* Fittings:
Studs, Nuts, Pins, Tabs, Clips, Thermal Pad, Thermal Grease.