Koan Hao Technology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Koan Hao corporation was founded in 1992 as manufacturer of special stickers. The factory land is about 4300m2. In 1992, established dealt to sale all stickers, set up Taichung and Tainan branch sales Offices. Our main products including special stickers, such as paper and film stickers, double-sided tapes, foam tapes, electrical tapes, silicone protective tapes for PCB, etc. Our products are of following advantages: durability, precision, delicacy, efficiency, and accurate function, so you are able to promote your market without worrying about competition. Due to our excellent quality, good management system and superior customer service, we have already enjoyed a long-lasting good reputation in this field market. Our mission is to develop new products to meet our customer demands in a dynamic ever-changing marketplace. And to surpass the world standard by implementing new and innovative approaches to our production methods. By our innovative engineering and mature experience, we are capable to meet your exacting requirements with short lead-time, stable quality and also highly competitive price. To benefit both parties, we are the best choice be the partner to support you.

Main Products

Manufacturer of special stickers, such as art paper label printing paper label, mirror-coat paper label, aluminum foil label, fluorescent paper label, kraft paper label, thermal paper label, polyester sticker, polyester silver, sticker by water wash, polyvinyl chloride sticker, holography sticker, photograph sticker, PP synthetic sticker, static sticker, brittle sticker, quality assurance sticker, aluminum foil sticker, silver high peeling sticker, sticker for lamination, removable sticker, electrical tape, acrylic double sided tapes, double-sided tapes with high adhesive force, EVA foam tapes with high adhesive force, silicone protective tapes for PCB.