Taiwan Hengyin Electri Co.,Ltd

Manufacturer of Motor and Transformer.


Company Introduction

Taiwan Hengyin Electric CO., Ltd. has been supplying highest quality transformers and motors since 1975.Currently THY transformers are being used in the manufacture of computer, communication equipments. medical electronics and many other commercial and industrial transformer applications. Motors are being used in residential and commercial refrigerator, freezer, refrigerated display cases, space heaters, water coolers, condenser packages, refrigerated cabinets and vending machines, etc. THY has passed ISO 9001-2000 confirmation, and received the ISO 9001-2000 certification which is issued by AQSR. Due to very strict performance and safety requirement of today's transformers and motors. We has made up several production lines that meets the very highest standards of quality, service and reliability. THY offering complete design service, and a wide range of types, sizes and construction whether you need one or one million units. Our experts can also provide you with transformers and motors which are designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you needs standard or custom, you will find that THY always lives up to its reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing. THY has modern facilities and equipments to handle almost any job. Equipment includes state-art winding, assemble and test equipments, which are in our factory. Add it uplong term experiences, modern equipments and facilities, and passionate service will made you believe that THY is a logical choice for all your transformer and motor needs.

Main Products

Manufacturer motor and transformer-(1) transformers- PT control & class 2 transformers, wall plug in adapters, chassis & power transformers, transformer inductors, PC mount transformers, 01va to 5000va and control transformers, current transformers. (2) fan motors- 3.3 diameter stock & unit bearing motors, electric motor bearings, AC fan and shaded pole motors, small electric motors, C-frame and agitator motor. Meeting clients unusual and specific requirements. Custom design, OEM and ODM are acceptable.