Evertech (DG) Precise Tooling Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of molding & die-casting. Acquired quality system ISO 9001:2000 certified. All products well recognized in USA, Japan, Canada, France, Switzerland and many other countries, offering to many famous big customers such as Dongju Company, Kenny Co., PANASONIC .,ABB.

Main Products

industrial supplies- (1) die casting, die castings- zinc & aluminum die casting ( casts), alloy castings, zinc alloy & aluminum alloy die castings, metal die casting, aluminum pressure die casting, aluminum die casting alloys,custom die cast(castings) die manufacturing, zinc die casting alloys die cast ( casting) molds ( moulds), magnesium alloy & precision die castings, tooling ( components), casting parts, high pressure aluminum castings, aluminum bronze & centrifugal castings, ductile iron & investment castings, precision & metal castings, aluminum sand & custom machining, aluminum investment castings & mold makings, aluminum die casting alloys ( parts, foundry), die casting process. (2) mold making, mold ( mould, moulding) makings ( makers) - die casting mold, die casting molds, plastic injection molding, plastic injection moldings, plastic mold making, plastic mold ( mould) makings ( makers), precision molds, precision molding molds, custom molds, custom injection mold makings ( makers), custom plastic molds, China moulds, plastic products, plastic parts, tool makers, toolmakers. (3) aluminum extrusion, aluminum extrusions ( aluminium) & parts- zinc & aluminum metal alloy die castings production construction components, die casting radiators, interphone housings, aluminum profile and die casting hardware, auto ( automotive, automobile, car, vehicle ) motorcycle parts & car accessory ( accessories).