Ever Green Zipper Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of A Range of Zippers


Company Introduction

Ever Green Zipper Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. We manufacturer of a range of zippers including zipper pull, nylon zipper, plastic steel zipper, invisible zipper, PVC zipper, metal zipper, special zipper, transparent zipper, PVC plastic zipper, water resistant zipper, glow in dark zipper, diamond and so on. Targets of company, " Research & Development " , " inovation " and " speed". In order to accomplish our philosophy, business running continuous, we concentrate on R&D, production procedure improvement and quality control for satisfy customer's requirements. Our products are of following advantages: durability, precision, delicacy, efficiency, and accurate function, so you are able to promote your market without worrying about competition. And Customer satisfaction will always be our top priority and we will continue to contribute to the success of our customers. Moreover, we develop new products to meet our customer demands in a dynamic ever-changing marketplace. We always do our best to fully satisfy our customers , therefore , Ever Green Zipper Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a one stop supplier capable of supplying all your fasteners needs in all materials and finished.

Main Products

Manufacturer of zipper, zipper pulls, nylon zippers, plastic steel zippers, invisible zippers, PVC zippers, metal zippers, special zippers, transparent zippers, PVC plastic zippers, water resistant zippers, glow in dark zippers, diamond teeth zippers, electroplated zippers, plastic cord locks, brilliant diamond belt and zipper making machines, OEM & ODM zippers.