Torng Chau Plastic Co., Ltd.

Plastic Flexible Hose/Tube for Water, Air, Dust, Wind, Gas, Liquid, Fume, Fluid & other purposes

NO.300, Jen Hsin Road, Jen Wu, Kaohsiung City 81460, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Company Profile:
TORNG CHAU PLASTIC CO., LTD., established in the year of 1980, has produced a series of plastic flexible hosepipes for the domestic and overseas markets over a few decades and is continually researching the advanced techniques for improving the productivity with a healthy ecosystem of innovation.

PVC Air Hose, transparent Braided Hose, Clear Hose, My-Home Hose, Duct Hose, Water Suction Hose and Garden Hose are popularly in all markets of Taiwan and oversea. We produce these hoses adopting the new materials in conformity with the world’s request for environment and in accordance with the guidelines: REACH, RoHS . Our customers / end-users are consistently adopting our hoses for security. These hoses are usually engaged in the fields of agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, poultry, aquarium, garage, industry and general household works.

Blue lay-flat water hose, transparent Steel Wire Reinforced Hose (SUPRA WIRE HOSE), Heavy Duty Suction Hose and Grit Hose are the trustworthy products with the features of durability and flexibility. They have the reliable quality for use in the sectors of construction, drainage systems and industry. All customers have a good confidence in our production.

A series of flexible ducts for the works of air-ventilation system and conveyance of air from the machines in the industry as <301>Aluminum Flexible Ducts, <401>Fiberglass Flexible Ducts, <501>Tapolin Flexible Ducts, <601>Silver Tarpaulin Flexible Ducts and also Silicone Ducting Hoses have the worldwide customers. These ducts are very flexible and convenient for use in any place for ventilating the air or dust.

We have the efficient workforce with new technology and can supply full range of sizes for every product. Integrity and responsibility are our core value. We surely enable our customers to meet the markets, trends and demands. Competitive price, satisfied quality and punctual delivery are committed because our commission is to create the mutual benefit with the customers/traders. Please contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] listing your requested sizes and quantity. We also like to produce the orders for customization of hosepipes (colors or different lengths).

1. Continuous searching new technology.
2. Efficient management on quality.
3. Integrity and responsibility are our core value.
4. Providing a competent range of service (manufacturing, packing, delivering are fully operated at our factory) to all customers.
5. Competitive pricing, reliable quality and punctual delivery are committed.

Manufacturing/Supplying more types of hose to all customers.

Main Products

Being a hose manufacturer, Torng Chau Plastic has many supplies as follows:

[A] Hose and Tube – PVC hose, PVC tube, plastic hose, flexible hosepipe
1. PVC Braided Hose
2. PVC Air Hose
3. PVC Spray Hose
4. PVC My-Home Hose
5. PVC Water Suction Hose
6. PVC Duct Hose
7. PVC Clear Hose
8. PVC Shower Hose
9. PVC Garden Hose
10. PVC Discharge Hose
11. PVC Steel Wire Hose
12. PVC Heavy Duty Suction Hose
13. PVC Grit Hose

[B] Ventilation hose – ducting hose, air-conditioning hose, flexible duct hose, ventilation ductile hose
1. (301BK) Aluminum Flexible Ducts
2. (301) Aluminum Flexible Ducts
3. (401) Fiberglass Flexible Ducts
4. (501) Tapolin Ducts
5. (601) Silver Tarpaulin Flexible Ducts
6. Silicone Ducting & Hoses

[C] Accessories – partners of hose, clamps, clips, couplings, reels, carts
1. Hose Clamps
2. Brass Couplings
3. Hose Reels
4. Plastic Couplings & Nozzles for Garden Hose