Wiphone Communiation Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Founded in 2003, Wiphone Communication Corp. is member of a group company focus on ODM and private label business for the wireless products of DECT, GPS, VoIP and WLAN Technology. The group company has his own design house and factory to design and produce their own products. With the over 15 years experienced professional engineers in the field of DECT, GPS, VoIP, and WLAN products, Wiphone will provide excellent designed quality products to our customers. Wiphone products are designed by talent engineers in Taiwan and manufactured at ISO 9001 certified factory in Taiwan/China. We promise to our customers with the best supports in product quality, cost and delivery. Now we are selling our products over the world, include Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. We have a lot of experience to provide our professional service to worldwide customers. We welcome you to become our new partner customer.

Main Products

telecommunication equipment, telecommunication equipments- (1) DECT phone, DECT phones- DECT headests & ear phones, DECT featrue & standard phones. (2) GPS, GPSs- GPS PDAs, GPS macro automatic vehicle & personal locators, GPS car navigation, GPS car navigations, car navigation system, solutions and boxes, dect headsets, GPS data loggers, GPS receiver with Bluetooth, Car digital set top boxes, GPS receivers, car mounted GPS, car mounted navigators, rear view mirror navigators, rear view mirror GPSs, GPS Bluetooth, data logger and car trackings, GPS rear view mirror monitors, rear view mirror blutooth handfrees. (3) VoIP - wireless VOIP phone, wireless VOIP phones, DECT voip gateways, Skype USB TA, WLAN DECT VoIP routers, SkyDECT, dual network ATA, DECT SKY ( USB) phones, DECT VoIP cordless phones. (4) lines DECT PBX, WiFi phones, Skype WiFi phones, WLAN phones.