Yu Hai Lamp Industrial Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Since the establishment in 1965, ER Hsin Lamp Industrial Corp. work professionally in the design and production all ER Hsin Lamp Industrial Corp. With over 40 years' continuous hard working and resolution to succeed, the marketing of ER Hsin Lamp Industrial Corp. Products has spread from Taiwan market to the Southeast Asia area. It successfully entered European and US countries. In technology and equipment investment, ER Hsin Lamp Industrial Corp. carry out research design application with meticulous care and expanded equipment investment, training professional design and production talents as well as improve good quality products. It developed “high quality, high stability, energy and electricity saving” products as core competitive capability and received affirmation and support from customers.
For this, and in responding to industrial globalization positioning environment, ER Hsin Lamp Industrial Corp. developed the operation system of research and order receiving in Taiwan and production in both Mainland (Kwong) and Taiwan (Hsinchu). It provides the market with brighter, more environmental friendly and better electricity saving industrial technologies. As always, it uses the fastest speed and the lowest selling prices to provide the best lighting solutions and services to return the products to the consumers. To expand business and establish stable growth, it establishes value added products and excellent services.

Main Products

automobile parts & accessory ( accessories) , electronic & electrical components- car light, car lights, auto ( automobile, automotive, vehicle, car, auto) and motorcycle light bulbs, automotive miniature lamps, halogen bulbs & lamps, specialty car & automobile bulbs, special presentation, brake lights, flashlight bulbs, signal light bulbs, fog glass light bulbs, indicating lights, leading light bulbs, krypton light bulbs, flash light bulbs, custom auto carmotorcycle lights ( lightings), color light bulbs, OEM & ODM design product lights ( lightings), bulbs and lamps, auto lighting, auto light bulbs, auto ( car) lamp, car light bulbs, automotive lighting, auto lighting.