J-King International Corporation

Power Transmission Proudcts

No.220, Lane 123, Sec. 1, Taiping Rd., Caotun Town, Nantou Country 542, Taiwan R.O.C, Taiwan

Company Introduction

We are the owner of JUKYO™ power transmission products which was established in 1963. The present managing group are the second generation owner of the following facilities:
-Metal stamping, gravity rollers & conveyor chain assembly plant.
-Wire and metal conveyor belt fabrication plant.
-Drop forging & continuous heat treatment plant.
-Electrical motor transmission plant.
-Sprocket, gear reducer, marine engine and heat exchanger plant.
-Other than our standard transmission products, we also undertake contract manufacturing parts to customer's brand or trademark.

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Main Products

we provide overhead chains, universal chains, apron chains, scraper chains, free flow chains, conveyor chains, ball transfers, universal trolley conveyor systems, mesh belts, forging parts, torque limiters, auto lubricators, custom made products, dipping lines, sprockets, roller & accessories, metal stampings, gravity rollers and conveyor chain assembly, rollers, stamping, bearing, trolleys, transmission products, power transmissions.