Shenzhen Moerdeng Water Machine Co., Ltd.

Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers.


Company Introduction

Shenzhen Moerdeng Water Machine Co., Ltd. is the most scaled manufacturer of drinking water related machines from Shenzhen, China. We began the Drinking Fountain manufacturing in the 3rd quarter of 1996. Moerdeng drinking fountains and water coolers are recognized around the world for their high quality, style and performance. Our manufacturing facility follows strict quality guidelines using state of the art equipment. Customer satisfaction and after sales service are top priorities throughout our organization. Bringing new products to a changing marketplace is another Moerdeng priority. Customer-driven design improvements and aggressive market research are cornerstones of the engineering and research programs. Moerdeng offers pressure water coolers, non-refrigerated drinking fountains and chillers. We are committed to ongoing development that delivers superior products backed by outstanding after sales service on every continent. We take good care of consumers' health by manufacturing reliable, safe, easy-to-use water appliances and refrigeration products. We benefit our customers' businesses by offering high quality products, timely delivery, technology innovation and customized services. Welcome watersupply project integrator,traders,property developers and home users to contact us for further win-win cooperation. For more details welcome to visit, or contact our customer servies at [email protected] for more details.

Main Products

MRD produces quality water coolers ranging from drinking fountains, through mains-fed POU’s, pressure water fitting, wall mounted coolers; wall mount drinking fountain; pressure water coolers, direct chill units, to higher capacity machines. Styles of water coolers and drinking fountains ranges from floorstanding through to wall-mounted drinking fountains and coolers, includes remote water coolers with varying capacities.