Orient River Inc.

We are the manufacturer of high-quality automotive repair tools kit and hand tools.

No.109, Chengfong Lane, Tai Ming Rd., Wurih Dist., Taichung City 41468, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Orient River Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality automotive repair tools kit and hand tools, including hydraulic gear puller, slide hammer puller, torque screwdriver cutter and saw. Its history dates back to early 1970's when it was established as a specialist OEM manufacturer (factory) of variety of products. Over the years, experienced R & D has progressing over 30 multinational patented products worldwide. Hence, many customers trust Orient River precision and expertise when ordering taylor made products. Today, Orient River has developed into quality and professional automotive repair tools, hand tools and outdoor/ fishing tackles production. The company is proud to utilize 25 years of experiences and manufacturing proficiency in responding to any customer needs and strives for super quality of innovative tools. ODM/OEM are welcome.

Main Products

we provide automotive repair tools, hydraulic ram & slide hammer puller kits, patented hydraulic rams, limited torque screwdrivers, heavy duty coil spring compressor w / jaws & holders, four way ball joint remover tools, universal bearing cup installers, LED flashlight kits, powerful magnet & clips, hydraulic press tool kits, bearing separators, universal hydraulic gear puller kits, alignment tool kits, spring compressor tools, hub pullers, coated wheel weight pliers, door handle spring clip tools, screw type ball joint removers, hand tools, power nibblers, adjustable torque screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers, 2 way hand riveters, anchor riveters, automatic center punches, scribers, screber tungsten carbides, 4-way master keys, coner clamp tools, aluminum miter boxes, trimming planes, carpet knife, wallpaper-off rollers.