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PET Protective Films

pet protective films

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Detail Information

Description :

A. Methods of production:
1. PET film coated on PMMA rubber ( E.R. adhesive ).
2. PET film coated on Silicone adhesive.
3. We can offer the above two kinds of protective film for customer's option.
B. Reasons of application:
1. To avoid panels and body ( housings ) frictional damage of electrics & electronics .
2. To avoid the dusting.
C. Applications:
1. Computer industries: monitors of desk computer, LCD monitors, panels of notebook, body of notebook, CNC panels of industrial computer.
2. TV industries: panels of PDP, LCD TV and traditional TV screens.
3. Communication industries: Lens of mobile phone and PDA , body (housing) of mobile phone, MP3 and playing station.
4. Electric industry: body or housing of all kinds of electric products .
5. Optical & A.V. products: digital camera, all kinds of optical lens , lens of projectors.
6. Auto. parts: panels of satellite navigation, VCD and DVD . Auto. mirrors.
7. Lighting industry: housing of LED light.
8. Housing of iPod MP3: silicone coating protective film choice only ( special chemical formula coating for iPod MP3 ).
D. Comparison between PMMA and Silicone Adhesive coating:
1. The coating weight of PMMA adhesive is higher than silicone adhesive.
2. There is a little bit weak efficiency for PMMA adhesive on diffusion performance.
3. The thermal resistant property of PMMA adhesive is lower than silicone adhesive by 100 Co.
4. The cost of PET protective film with silicone adhesive coating will be 20-50% higher than PMMA adhesive coating per meter square.
5. PET protective film with silicone adhesive can be used on panels, windows, housings and bodies of electric as well as electronic industries which need thermal resistant performance.

Specification :

E. Dimension available:

1. 50 £g x 600mm x 500 M.

2. 75 £g x 600mm x 500 M.

3. 100 £g x 600mm x 500 M.

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