Ching Iee Industrial Co., Ltd.

Special Nuts & Parts Manufacturer.


Company Introduction

Ching Iee Industrial Co., Ltd. is a nut supplier that manufactures mostly customized nuts in car industry. Ching Iee was founded in 1983 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. With the experience in producing nuts for 24 years, we earn worldwide prestige and export products to the United States, Japan, Asia, and so on. To fully control our quality, we have a complete production line and a strict quality control process, to meet virtually every need and the highest quality standards in a variety of nuts. We accomplish commitment in Quality Assurance, continue improvement in the production line, and constantly enhance techniques in Research and Development. Moreover, our capable technical staff and equipment can assist you with mechanical questions and orders. Our machine sets produce large-size nuts. Our main products are customized/special nuts offered by customers' drawings or samples. Besides, we offer the most competitive prices among plenty of nut manufacturers in Taiwan.

Main Products

Manufacturer of fasteners such as automotive fastener, bolt nut, wheel nut, special nut and motor & motorcycles nuts, special fastener, auto fastener, auto fastener using with sleeves, architectural coupler, tube & fitting parts, wheel nut, snap fastener, construction accessories, structural nut, wheel nut, weld nut, square nut, gland nuts, done nut, lock nuts.