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Healthcare And Compression Sock Series

healthcare and compression sock series

  • Model No: JG-296~350, JG-2760~2840
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. JG-296 260Den medical support socks.
2. JG-297 360Den comfortable healthy below knee stocking.
3. JG-298 280Den comfortable healthy below knee stocking.
4. JG-350 240Den compression slimness below knee healthy stocking.
5. JG-351 360Den toe-showed comfortable healthy below knee socks.
6. JG-352 200Den compress mold super fine pattern healthy below knee socks.
7. JG-353 140Den moisture-absorbing & sweat-draining compress socks.
8. JG-354 360Den bamboo charcoal healthy compress below knee socks.
9. JG-355 360Den charcoal medical support socks.
10. JG-356 360Den bamboo carbon support short socks.
11. JG-357 360Den bamboo carbon support loafer socks.
12. JG-360 180 Den compress healthy below knee socks for riding bike & mountaineering.
13. JG-2740 Far infrared 360 Den keeping shape pantihose.
14. JG-2760 140Den elastic-band over-the-knee stocking.
15. JG-2770 280Den keeping shape pantihose.
16. JG-2780 200Den super elasticity silk lace below knee stocking.
17. JG-2790 200Den adjusted lace stocking.
18. JG-2800 200Den keeping shape healthy pantihose.
19. JG-2810 200 Den super elasticity below knee stocking.
20. JG-2820 140Den keeping shape healthy pantihose.
21. JG-2830 120Den keeping shape healthy pantihose.
22. JG-2840 100Den belly-bined & buttocks-lifted pantihose.

Specification :

How to buy support pantihose and prevent varicose vein? 1. Choose the socks which has the approval# of medical appliances from department of heath executive yuan, Taiwan. 2. The support pantihose which can prevent varix belong to the first class of medical type so you can buy it directly without any agreement of doctor; if the socks can prevent serious varix, it will belongs to the second class of medical type, so you need to get the permission from doctor first and then buying it. 3. The support pantihose are not the tighter the better. You should buy the socks which are comfortable to wear and don't let your feet feel fatigue. 4. If you haven't wear support pantihose before, please choose the low Den support pantihose first. After adapting the pressure of support, you can choose higher to wear. Features: 1.Help relieve tired, aching, and fatigued legs. 2.Help improve swollen ankles and legs. 3.Help prevent varicose vein and venous thrombosis. 4.Help improve and enhance blood circulation. 5.Help keep in well-shape.

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