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360Den Bamboo Charcoal Healthy Compress Below Knee Socks

healthy compress below knee sock

  • Model No: JG 354
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Features:
(1) 360 Den lycra pressure and parts knit – Improve blood circulation.
(2) Medical Compression Socks Improve varix and edema.
(3) Banboo can absorb moisture and get rid of sweat, keep feet dried.
(4) Anti-bacteria & odor, and keep warm.
2. How to purchase elastic stockings for anti-varix:
(1) Only those elastic stockings with "certification of health agency" are guaranteed.
(2) Elastic stockings for anti-varix belong to the first-grade of medical treatment and can be purchased personally; but people who suffer serious varix need the second-grade of medical treatment with doctor's prescription.
(3) "The tighter, the better" is not correct idea for elastic stockings; choosing comfortable and tiredness-reducing socks is the right idea.
(4) People who never worn elastic stockings should try less number of den first, after adjusting, the number of den can be increased little by little.
3. How to prevent varix?
(1) Avoid long-term standing, sitting or crossed-leg.
(2) Avoid putting legs with varix in environment of high temperature, such as SPA.
(3) Avoid wearing over-tight clothes and high-wheel shoes.
(4) Avoid taking keen exercise.
(5) Take "leg-up motion" frequently.

Specification :

1. Specification: (1) SIze: S-L (Suitable for 22~26cm). (2) Color: black. (3) Contents: Nylon 76% / spandex 24%. 2. For: (1) People whoes foot is easy sweating. (2) People who has varix. (3) People whose leg is easy fatigue. (4) People who want to have the perfect curve of legs.

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