Shin Mold Precision Industry Co, Ltd.

A State-of-the-Art Mold Supplier, Manufacturing Die Casting Molds And Plastic Injection Molds.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Shin Mold Industrial Co., Ltd. is a mold maker, manufacturing zinc, aluminum and magnesium die-casting molds, and plastic injection molds for more than twenty years. Our die casting machines are capable to handle up to 2000 metric tons clamping force and up to 12 metric tons mold weight. Our experience ranged from automotive parts, motorcycle parts to telecommunication and electronic parts. We have many years experience working with Japan –Nissan, Europe-Volvo and Taiwan – Acer Company, and we are proud of having a strong design and manufacturing team to meet customers' needs on strict quality requirement, pricing and delivery. Now we always keep going and improve our equipment such as CAD/ Cam system, CNC machine center, graphite CNC milling, milling, CNC EDM, surface grinder, universal tool grinder, die spotting press and 3D measuring machine. With excellent teamwork, we provide tooling moulds to meet customer's satisfaction and enhance their competition in the market. Our motto is to have successive business and create win-win for the company and staff, to have better life care for the happiness of working partners. Welcome to browse our website for further information.

Through our professional design ability and manufacturing technique to satisfy customers and provide the best quality molds at competitive prices and earliest delivery.

Out of all our staff's devotion on design to supply customers the most optimized die casting molds with competitive prices and delivery, and create win-win-win situation for our customers, company and our staff. To seek for sustainable development, safety working place and happiness life, we constantly hold training courses for technicians and employees, and we also keep equipment investment, technology upgrade and software implement.

Main Products

We provide design and manufacturing of plastic injection molds, zinc die casting moldings, aluminum alloy die-casting moulds, magnesium alloy diecasting moulds and so forth.