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Molds For Al Die Casting Engine Parts

molds for al die casting engine parts

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Die casting dies (molds, moulds) for engine parts.
We made various molds for various means of transport, for example:
1. For automobile: oil pan, gearbox reduction wheel, chain case, cylinder block, engine body, cam shaft casing.
2. For forklift truck, and truck: engine chain case, oil filter housing, oil cooler.
3. For outboard motorboat: engine block, cylinder head, gearbox housing.

Specification :

1. Molds of aluminum alloy die-cast engine parts. 2. Capacity: 100T ~ 2000T locking force. 3. Aluminum/ magnesium/ zinc alloy die casting dies (molds, moulds) are available.

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