Wan Jia Jin Food Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Established in 1984, Wan-Jia-Jin Food Co., Ltd. is one of the leading soft drink manufacturers in Taiwan. In the early phase of development, we produced canned fruit whose premium quality gradually generated a great reputation nationwide. In 1990, we started to produce various kinds of beverages. We not only made many efforts in promoting the products, but also in establishing the channels. In 1994, "EVERYDAY wax-gourd juice" became one of the most popular and the most well known beverages in Taiwan. Until now, Everyday wax-gourd juice still maintains a stable sales volume. As a professional beverage manufacturer, it is so important to have various of production lines that is in order to fit customers' requests. So far, we have comprehensive production lines, such as the PET hot filling production line, the PET-bottled soda production line, the purified water production line, the canned-beverage production line, and PP-bottle production line. Furthermore, each production line has various kinds of sizes. In other words, you can easily find your needs in WJJ.

Main Products

A leading soft drink manufacturer of purified bottled waters, PP/ PET bottles drinks, PET hot filling soda/ soft beverages, aluminum cans drinks, alkaline water, PP bottles for jelly beverages, canned fruit drinks, tea beverages, lemon (passion fruit, honey green) tea, sports drinks, PET cups, OEM beverages, orange (grape, ice cream, other flavors) carbonated drinks, and so forth.