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Internet Cameras

internet cameras

  • Model No: UV-HPT2
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Special integrated IP camera designed for the small and middle-size shop, and home using.
2. It has built-in web server to view the image and control it through IE.
3. For example, when user is in the office, he can see the situation of their elders and children at home.
4. In addition this IP camera can work with wireless alarm gateway.
5. Support all kinds of remote control and wireless detectors such as infrared sensors, PIR, curtain sensors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, and more.
6. When there is a thief breaking in, or gas leaking, the IP camera will do the video motion detect and alarm automatically.
7. And there is a unique emergency function for help.
8. When the emergency happens, the user can ask for help pressing the remote control or panic button.
9. This model IP camera has P/T.
10. Zoom function for home use.
11. It is easy to install and operate.
12. It is the best choice for civil security.

Specification :

1. User can view image through IE or DDNS to realize the real-time surveillance and playback, supports remote surveillance by mobile, it is compatible with many kinds of intelligence mobile operation. 2. Supports internet listening, internet broadcasting, 2-way audio function, built-in microphone, and speaker. 3. Supports local and internet storage. 4. Built-in microSD port, integrated with many internet storage protocols. 5. Supports network hard disk function. 6. Integrated wireless alarm gateway function. 7. Supports many kinds of remote controllers and wireless detectors such as infrared, PIR, curtain sensor, smoke detector, and gas detector. 8. Supports many kinds of wireless sound and light controller. 9. Supports local, central, network, and mobile message to set alarm on / off. 10. Supports emergency function for help, and the user can ask for help through remote control or panic button. 11. Supports alarm linkage, work with wireless alarm and video surveillance to improve the efficiency and accuracy.

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