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New Rootd Blowers

rootd blower

  • Model No: TY-040
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Brand: TAI-YIH SUN
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. TAI-YIH SUN 3-rotor roots blowers are new series roots type blowers. We made precise 3-rotors roots blower by advanced technology center machining machine using 4-spindle simultaneously be finished. It can reduce the tolerance of multiple-operation machining, and promote the precision of machining, also it will get a perfect gap between rotor and rotor to promote air performance, lower noises and vibrations.
2. It results a significant improvement as traditional 2-rotor roots blowers for lubricate bearings and gears with grease but Tai-Yih Sun roots blower be designed to add oil by double oil box. It is very convenient to maintain and oil has a better lubricating effect than grease. So it could be a longer life for bearings and gears.
Roots blowers compress air by two rotors' rotation in the contrary direction. Rotors do not contact under high speed rotating. Although only a 0.1~0.3 mm gap between two rotors. And it does not need add lubricating oil between rotors. So it can transport clean and none oil moist air.
3. 3-rotor blower's design can control back flow pressure to rotor so that reduce power consumption.
Lower noise: pressure pluses are the major noise source of blower.
3-rotor blower can decrease noise by approximately 5dB.
Bearing keep longer life: less vibration through transmission of rotor. The bearing life can keep 20% longer.
2-rotor conventional blowers result in pressure pluses and vibration rob power and shorten the life of every bearing, gear and other drive train components.

Specification :

1. Wide range for air volume, pressure and vacuum. (1) Bore: 25m/m~350m/m(1"~14"). (2) Capacity: 0.1~250 m3/min. (3) Pressure: 0~8000 mmaq. (4) Vacuum: -5000 mmaq.

2. Satable air flow and less pressure variation.

3. Clean air not with oil moist.

4. Construction simple and easy maintenance.

5. Oil-Bearings are all lubricated by oil long life.

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