New Abiding Int'l Inc

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

NAB golf was established in 1993 mainly OEM golf clubs and accessories with over 20 years of experience. We have factories in Shanghai, Shen-zhen, and Kaohsiung with our own golf club designs for customers' options. Our market mainly in US, Japan, Korea and Europe mostly dealing with full set clubs with caddie bags, golf clubs, and accessories such as Gloves, “Flex-Tee”®, Head Covers, and so on. For America market, it had cooperated with Carbite to develop and produce the famous ZG series push rod. In Japan, since 1994, it has produced a series of Tai-alloy products far earlier than other major suppliers for major companies like Ken's, Birth, Lynx, PowerBilt, and BenSayer. CNC push rod is even the partner for the mass production of many well-known brands. Others are even more skillfully and highly praised, such as forged I/R, cast I/R, FW, push rod, special material, like maraging and 10-2-3 tai material. We welcome any Hi-Tech designs and/or customers special requirements.

Main Products

Manufacture of entertainment and sporting goods include (1) golf products- full set golf clubs w/wt caddy bags, golf clubs, park golf clubs (persimmon heads), park golf balls, golf drivers, fair ways, I/H, P/T, gloves, tees, head covers, grips, golf club heads, golf accessories. (2) sintering & casting tungsten parts- fishing sinkers, tungsten spheres, tungsten screws, cell phone parts, rubber tungsten.