Chiu Ying Screw Metal Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Chao-ying is established in 1980. Since then, we have insisted on our honesty in trading and high quality. Regarding the urge to continuously innovate, we acquire various precision machines to ensure the enhancement of the quality of our products and the improvement of our techniques. Our specialty is in the manufacturing of high quality bolt and screw, and providing professional consultation according to the costumer's needs.

In addition to providing domestic enterprises, we also help our costumers in Europe, Americas, and Asia to surpass their competitors in cost and quality in the competitive environment of the global market. Their trust and commends are important assets to us. For now, we are exploring more potential costumers with our guiding principle of sustainability. Currently, our service is also available in mainland China with our subsidiary in Dong-guan. In the future, we will provide more useful services and high-quality products to satisfy our costumers. Chao-ying is the most trustworthy bolt and ironware equipment supplier for you.

Main Products

Manufacture of industrial supplies includes sems screw, metric screw, brass screw, stainless steel screw, head screw, socket screw, machine screw, set screw, screw nut, threaded screw, screw bolt, screw washer, aluminum screw, standard screw, m8/m4 screw, miniature screw, wood screw, socket head cap screw, sheet metal screw, flat head screw, lag screw, tapping screw, steel screw, m10 screw, cheese head screw, pan head screw, button head screw, torx head screw, oval head screw, round head screw, truss head screw, hex head screw, washer head screw, cross head screw, and machine parts.