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Bluetooth Keyboard Speaker


  • Model No: TL-AB-BK-05
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

*Stereo speakers, support the call feature (hands-free / normal mode)
*Keyboard / speakers can be connected.
*Configure a dedicated power switch with power saving mode.
*USB 5V charging configuration charge indicator.
*Configure the USB 5V power output interface.

Specification :

  • Job type: Bluetooth wireless

  • The perfect combination of features: aluminum alloy and ABS material.
    Waterproof, dustproof, portable

  • Key Scissor structure, lightweight feel, quieter

  • Application System: designed specifically for the iPad set, but also suitable for other types of tablet PCs and smart phones

  • Multi-language version

  • Supported protocols: Bluetooth 2.0/1.2/1.1

  • Ergonomics: Support

  • Operating distance: 10 meters

  • Process: a unique aluminum alloy of high strength and elasticity ABS thermal plastic polymer resin + appearance

  • Colors: white

Sample Information

Total Available Quantity :
Per Delivery Quantity :
1 pc
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