Yi Wang Meids Underwear Co., Ltd.

Taiwan manufacturer of underwear, warm clothing, students bras and other series.


Company Introduction

Founded in early 1980, ChengMei was an OEM factory in its early stage, and products cover OP male (female) underwear, children underwear, warm clothing, students bras, bras and other series. Until now, it has 31 years of history. Along its way, it has always insisted in making its products in Taiwan and been awarded the MIT members by Taiwan Textile Federation.
Merchandise sales channels are mainly by large (middle) wholesale businesses and big supermarkets. They are accounted for 80% of sales and 20% of the rest are sales accounted for exports for a year. The main export markets are Central and South America, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Monthly production is around 40,000 ~ 50,000 dozens or so. The factory is about 150 employees with total 35,600 square feet. In addition to the main factory plant, there are two more satellite factories. It is a professional underwear factory combines design, production, OEM/ODM, and marketing.
ChenMei changed its company name from ChenMei to YiWangMei on October 24, 1991. It has marketed its own brands of "YiWangMei" and "DSK" in domestic market for nearly 31 years and are popular among consumers to be the leading domestic brand. In order to combine company name and own brand, it was renamed to YiwangMei Co., Ltd. in Sept, 2011.

Main Products

we provide under wears, student brassiere, student bras ( vests, boxers), kid's boxers, op (males, females, womens, womans, mans, mens, lady, ladies, boys, girls, children) underwear, global marketing underwear, underwear wholesales, warm clothing, sports vests, custom made products.