Colame Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

GMP factory exp. to ready by mid. 2012! Natural Ingredients! Quality Assurance! Reasonable Price


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
1. Founded in Kaohsiung city of Taiwan in 1986.
2. ODM/OEM service for variety skin care products from head to toe.
3. Exp. to be GMP factory by mid of 2012.

We are making the ingredients natural and environmentally friendly through biochemical technology skin care products, we kept pursuing innovations and gradually built up a firm foundation.

Excellent management, refined quality and honest operation are our foundation.
Quality, innovation and pragmatism are our responsibilities.
Health, cosmetology and beauty are our duty.
Colame will strive for providing the best service with sincerity.

Prompting quality, break into international market, enhance worldwide marketing
will be our objectives.

Main Products

1. Facial Skin Care: anti-aging series, whitening series, anti-acne series, moisture series, sunscreen series, anti-allergic series, special series ( exfoliator, eye, neck, lip cream).
2. Body Care Products: body shaping, breast lift, stretch mark, lotion, massage oil, etc.
3. Cleanser- cleansing foam, make-up remover cream ( oil), shower gel, shampoo, etc.
4. Facial Mask.
5. Others.