Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd

water treatment equipments and water bottling and packing machines


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. have been focusing on reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration water treatment equipments and water bottling and packing machines ever since 1992. Thanks to the support of experienced engineers from the state-owned period, we have grown into a successful one-stop contract manufacturer and project solution provider. Besides our equipments, we also provide factory plan and after-sales engineering service. Parts from Siemens, Mitsubishi and LG enable us to develop your equipment with precision. Apart from choosing our standard collections, OEM/ODM orders and Turn-key projects are also welcome. Contact us today to get our latest documents and updates.

Today, its monthly production capacity has exceeded 500 thousand pieces. Among them, the majority of models of water dispenser/cooler are under applying for "UL Approval",8 series of water dispensers/coolers had got "CE" Approvals 5 years ago. And our products have won enormous fame in both the domestic and overseas markets for exclusive service and high-quality products and by founding firm trade relationships with nearly 30 countries and territories throughout the world, including U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Agentina, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, HK, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Oman, Jordan, U.A.E, Yemen, Israel, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia etc.

Due to our innovative design, uncompromising quality and systemically after sales service ,now we are the unparalleled leading water dispenser manufacturer in China , covering up more than 60% of the whole market share, our brand is so known to all the Chinese household that when people say "angel" , they are just talking about our water dispensers., meanwhile ,it goes all around the world ,earning world wide recognition .

Main Products

we provide (1) water purification system, water dispenser, water filter system, desktop hot & cold water dispensers, floor standing water dispensers with refrigerators and cabinets, electronic coolings, compressor coolings, mini water coolers, stainless steel water dispensers, reverse osmosis systems, thermoelectric coolers. (2) water filters- water vending machines, UF water filters, economical & water saving type, 5 stage, bette & bottled water filters. (3) water plant equipment- industrial RO water purificaiton systems, PLC controlled water bottling machines, bottling machine, bottle stretch blow molding machines, assistant equipment, plastic injection molding machines, automatic shrink packagers, small bottle filling machines, water tanks. (4) PC & PET bottles & caps- bottle handles, (5) acceswsories- compressors, cup dispenser & holders, water dispenser faucets, super sealed water guards, water input sets, filter elements, family UV sterilizers, RO membranes, manual water pumps. (6) ice makers, wine coolers. (7) OEM, ODM.