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Rolling Motor-10


  • Model No: NA10
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Certification: ISO
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Rolling motor is the electronic operator to drive whole industrial roller shutter. If your roller shutter is opened and closed by hand and the system is drived by springs now, our product would be your best selection to become automatically. Just let us know what is the total dimension and weight for your door entrance, then, we will suggest you should use which model to drive your roller shutter.
The model with our motor for light shutter has 300kgs ~500kgs. If your shutter is much larger, then we have 500~800kgs even to 1000kgs, 1500kgs and 2000kgs.

Specification :

The voltage with our rolling motor is coming with AC100~AC240, AC380~AC415, AC480 single phase and three phases, we all can match buyer’s request.  The components of our rolling motor is 100% made by Taiwan and the quality is certified by ISO9001 and V.O.C certification.   Below mentions are the feature and advantage from our rolling motor.  

1.Exquisite design & Strict with quality control
All of the components inside the operator are made by specific specification and the transmitted materials are incorporated with superior alloyed steel. With this unique design and high efficiency, our operator possess high durable feature if compares with other competitors.
2.Completed concealedpackage & Non-noise when turning   
In order to preventing the dust gets into the operator, our completed concealed package will protect the operator not getting any damage effectively and the operator will not make any noise when running.   
3.Convenient operation & zero fault movement  
It is easy to operate the movement either up or stop from rolling shutter.  With incorporating the ignition, brake, limited switch and automatic non- descendant lever, our operator will not get any reverse situation while it is running because of wrong touch the switch of reverse directions. 
4.Small volumeenergy-savingpowerful roll-up
The weight of smallest model is 11.5kgs. Small volume design can be avoided any space occupied and fabricators can install by easily. The power of roll up is double capacity than other competitors made.  
5.With the equipment of anti-recoiled
It prevents any fault by manual operation and inconvenience for recoiled. 
6.With the built-in equipment of overheated
In case of any failure when shutter runs, our built-in equipment of overheated will cut off the power automatically when the temperature is over 100 degree C. Our operator will stop running.  While the temperature lowers around 70 degree C, our operator will return to the original in order to preventing damage to the shutter and burn away from operator. 
7.With the equipment of anti-crinkle
It does not need to drive the operator so that the shutter can be descended automatically while user presses the button switch. Moreover, the shutter will not happen crinkle and reverse situation while meets the any obstacles.
8.Emergency manual stop device  
The shutter can be descended or up by pulling the chain while power is failure. The operation is quite easily. 
9.Equipped with the safety device in operation
Our operator is equipped with the disk magnetic braking system so that the chain plate can remove the operator entirely when running. After cut off the power, the operator will be driven by pulling chain plate in order to secure the safety.

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Features :

1.The high-performance motor can provide better performance,low noise,zero malfunctions,to secure safety.

2.It can add external remote controller and guarding equipment.

3.Reasonable price.


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